to develop your theater skills and also collaborate with creative
minds from other disciplines (such as dance, visual arts and
spoken word). Especially for those students that are aiming for a
professional future in theatre: A section in this course is developed to prepare and guide you to increase your chances of admission to a university of arts, such as HKU and Artez in the Netherlands.

The curriculum for the STAGE CREATORS consist of three branches

Skills development
You will be following acting classes twice a week where you will develop basic and advanced acting techniques.
Besides acting you will also learn how to make your own creations. You will learn to evaluate your own work as well as the work of others and how to give proper feedback.
In this course we will also work on your presentation skills. You will play in multiple performances, with at the end of the program the ultimate challenge: All STAGE CREATORS will create their own solo performances to showcase their own talent and creations.

Interdisciplinary work
Once a week participants will attend workshops of one of the other disciplines (dance, visual arts, spoken word etc.). These workshops vary per month.
In January you will be part of ‘De Week Zonder Naam’. During this week you will work with young local talents from different disciplines. Together you will create an interdisciplinary performance within a week.
Prior to this week there will be a ‘Dag Zonder Naam’, where students get a taste of interdisciplinary work.
The STAGECREATORS will collaborate with the students of IBB. From September till November 23 they will create a performance in which the disciplines theater and visual art will be combined.

Audition preparations
If you wish to pursue a future career in the world of performing arts, you will be coached, following a personalized plan.
The participants can choose if they want to attend an information evening about studying in performing arts in the Netherlands. There will also be a virtual tour of at least one school in the Netherlands.
Participants who are not ready or do not wish to pursue a career in performing arts, will partake in several audition assignments to gain acting/ creating experience.
You will be encouraged to make a portfolio and keep track of your work and performances. This is also a preparation for future resume and proof of extracurricular activities outside of school.