In ten months time you will work two days a week together with other young people. In this special gapyear you will deepen your creative talents, develop your own vision and make a plan for the future.

Development of creative skills
a. You attend theater classes weekly
Additionally, other disciplines such as dance, visual arts, spoken word and music will be covered.
b. You work on your creator skills
c. You improve presentation skills
d. You work on self-reflection and critical thinking skills.

Developing own vision and plans for the future
You receive group lessons that contribute to the development of your own vision. Think of philosophy, debate lessons and visual thinking strategies.
you personally orientate yourself on possible future plans based on the questions: Who am I? What do I want to achieve? And how will I get there?

Practical experience in the creative field
You get the opportunity to create your own art project under the guidance of Drazans’ professionals. This can be a short internship at an organization within the creative field. Organizing and/or playing a performance or doing an in-depth research into your own fascinations