GROUNDBREAKERS | A TALENTCOURSE FOR YOUNG PERFORMERS In this course you will develop and showcase your talents in theater. You can work on your skills while enjoying yourself.

The curriculum for the GROUNDBREAKERS consist out of the following branches:

The ABC of acting. You will learn all the basics you need and more.
You will follow acting classes twice a week in which you will explore different acting techniques.
Once a week you get to attend a workshop of another discipline (dance, visual arts, spoken word etc.). This workshop varies per month.

Before we start making, let's start by observing. We can take a look at art pieces, but also everyday things. We will work with questions such as: what kind of feeling does this evoke in me? Which associations come to mind while looking at this image? This way of observing stimulates the imagination, which is necessary when creating new material.
You will learn how to create your own scenes in different theater styles .
Besides directing you will also learn how to choose fitting decor, costumes and music.

You will learn basic performing techniques
You will act in different performances including the international children's book week.